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D.FAULT HOUSE for Native Instruments Battery 4  this 2021 release brings a barrage of House grooves and rhythms for your beat making pleasure.

House/Tech House/Deep House/Techno MIDI loops were made exclusively for use with Native instruments Battery 4 using the default kits.

The pack includes 128 MIDI House patterns/Loops in total, as well as some extra MIDI groove templates, fillers and Lines to enable you to simply drag and drop in that extra bit of sizzle to any creation you desire.

127 x House inspired MIDI loops/Patterns

49 x Fillers

23 x Groove templates 

40 x Lines 

11 x House Template Loops

Recommended playback speed 125 - 127 BPM



Created with the Evilglamour ethos the MIDI loops were designed to be highly usable as the backbone rhythm track for any House music genre, not frilly over busy MIDI loops that never really fit the slot.

These MIDI loops don't hold back, and contain the key to how to get your drum tracks seriously grooving! Unlock the secrets, analyse the drum and percussion positions and then move the samples around for yourself.

If you really want your beats to have the edge you're looking for then its a must not to quantise everything on the 16th's notes or just add swing! 

Learn how simple it can be to craft your own unique sound and use them for inspiration to make your mark on the dance music world.




Audio Loops/Apple Loops and REX files we all agree are great for dropping straight into your favourite DAW and away you go, but using MIDI loops is far more flexible!

MIDI loops will allow you to completely morph an entire loop beyond recognition and into the extremes. This includes changing the assigned sounds, the actual velocity of any sound and the pitch and tempo which, as you will agree is truly a gift to your creative and inspirational ideas.

For ease of use each MIDI file is named after the Battery 4 patch that it was created in, simply drag the file into your DAW and choose the matching Battery 4 patch name, and boom you’re away!


‘D.FAULT HOUSE’ includes a collection of 128 royalty free MIDI drum loops covering all of the major House Music genres and are 100% compatible with all DAWs.


Please note this is a MIDI file only download for use with Native instruments Battery 4 using the default kits.


No sampled audio sweeps and FX are included!





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